Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Yay I've got a CJ

That lovely postie brought me the next CJ from the 3C's forum circle to do. I have Kelly's now. Title - One Wish. Brief to use black, white, grey or silver with a splash of colour. Hmmm now what do I wish and what shall I do.

I really like doing the circle journals and it's sad in a way when they come to an end. Great to get your book back and see everyones fab work. But for a while nothing to look forward to. Still after our first one it only took us about a month to get the new one going and it is whizzing round now, mostly quicker than intended. (Just remembered that my friend still has my Disney CJ to use as a guide for making her own book for our local friends circle. I'll have to sort her out !!! If I don't forget that is LOL.)

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Karen said...

Great excuse for not doing that household Mellie! LOL