Monday, 17 September 2007

More from my crafty corner

Well this was a fairly busy weeekend in my kitchen as far as crafting went. Both the CJ's we had to do were done and on top of that I made some cards. *eek* more card making from me !!!! Well the reason for it is a bit strange. Having finished my supervision of my DDs for their CJ LOs, I didn't want to do any more scrapping. !!!!! Even thought the photos were sitting there asking to be added to paper and something more made of them. As my friend Lou says, 'I couldn't be *rsed'. Oooh.

I can't show one CJ on here as the owner might see it, and we can't have that but the other one is safe to show.

First though the cards. Having made a card that DD1 liked so much that it became her birthday card for next year, I thought I'd better make one like it for DD2. I'd run out of BG Mellow die cut people so made do with what I had left. I like the results though and I showed it to DD1 (before it was fully finished) and she liked it, so just have to hope that DD2 will like it too.

Then I made some Christmas cards for them. Made one for DH too but it's not quite finished so you will have to wait for that one.

Papers, stickers and embellishments are from Papermania. Peel offs from Anitas, for these Christmas cards.


Louly said...

Oooh! they're all scrummy (I love that Mellow paper)I'm so glad you could be *rsed to make them lol (you did make me giggle)

Juliet said...

They're great Mellie - I bet the girls will love them. Can you say *rsed on here?

Karen said...

HA! You've caught the card making bug!! There's no hope for you now! Fab cards Mellie!!