Saturday, 1 September 2007

It's a start

Well the girls on charmed cards and crafts forum keep asking when am I getting my blog up and running, so I thought I'd give it a go. Not sure what I am doing .... yet, and have nothing to add to it far, but it is 9.45 pm! Don't know how often I will remember to update things here either lol. But I will give it a go. Maybe I will even improve. (Fingers crossed) I know where help is if I need it lol.

Going to do some exploring on here now so that's it for tonight.


Juliet said...

Yay, go girl! You did it!!!!!
Welcome to blogland.

Sarah said...

Whoop! you did it :D awesome work Hun, dont worry i always forget to update my blog too lol

Karen said...

Well I never!! Well done that girl and welcome to the blogging community :o)

Louly said...

Yeah!!!! Sorry Mellie, i'm so slow! I only just found out about your blog. So now I have another blogging buddy to visit....Go Girl!