Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The End

Well finally is the last LO in this holiday album. It shows us on the last day and just before we left the park to go on the Eurostar train back to Ashford. Our bags were waiting fo rus at the train station so what you see is what we bought. That's the trouble with buying daily and over 6 days.

Come the end of the week you gather it all together and it's more than you imagined. The girls both bought large cuddly toys and the best way to get them home was in their suitcases. DH had room in his bag luckily for their clothes lol.

By the end of this day we were ready for home and totally shopped out.

Bazill bling, CI epoxy bottle caps stickers, Fancy Pants felt swirl, mickey sticky brads, Chatterbox alphabet stickers.

PoolBabes / Surf's Up

This had to be about the best afternon the girls spent. The hotel pool was open from early morning until late at night but most times when we got back to the hotel, the girls were tired and didn't have the energy for the pool (neither did we).
We promised them an afternoon before we left to spend time in the pool. Dad was the lucky parent to go in with them and I became the photographer.
DD2 loved the flume but DD1 wasn't brave enough for it choing to go on the smaller uncovered slides. We never knew which way up DD2 was going to be when she landed in the water. I can safely say she thoroughly loved every minute.
Paper Crate Paper 1, Chatterbox 2, stickers from CI, flower from Papermania.

Love is ........

DD1 just loves her Pooh bear collection. They had their own money for the holiday and were allowed to spend it as they wanted. First day and DD1 bought the biggest Pooh she could. Well she would have gone bigger if we'd let her but we had to put a size limit on it in the end. He's very soft and squidgy though and she loves him.

Paper K & Co, flowers Imaginesce, C I epoxy stickers, Chatterbox alphabet and assorted brads.


Walking round Disney takes it out of you (especially after a few days at it). Here are a selcetion of shots of us relaxing. DH took me and the girls with out us knowing as you can see. Men !!!
Paper is the reverse of the Grandad LO with Mira embellishments and a few Jolees bits.


The girls first met Buddah in Epcot in 2005 and that was when they christened the statues of him as Grandad. Okay it bears a pretty good resemblance to their Grandad, so it's no wonder they did it.
This one was out in the car park area by the bus stop in our hotel, and was big enough for the girls to really pose with it. DD1 rubbed his belly for luck of course but DD2 just wanted to sit on it.
Papers from the Mira collection by K & Co. (Paper too nice to embellish so I haven't lol)


This is our hotel that we stayed at this trip. For the first time we went off Disney and chose the new Thomas Cook hotel - Explorers.

It turned out to be a good choice and for the girls the best feature was the pool I'd say. (Even though they only got to spend one afternon there). It was a shuttle bus ride away from the Disney complex but the buses ran sooooo frequently that it wasn't a problem at all.

Would we go back. ????? Yes we would. !!!!!!!!!!!

Paper, ribbon and die cut shape are Far East collection, DCWV. Lo was done using a sketch.

Phew! What a view.

So just when you thought I'd finished my French holiday LOs on my blog, here I am again with the last few. (just haven't found much time recently for crafting so haven't much new stuff to add here anyway lol).

Paper is the revrse side of the paper on the Long Climb LO. Gorgeous Kaitlin collection from Crate Paper. Felt shapes are Fancy Pants and alphabet is Chatterbox.

The view is taken of the various stages of the long climb up to Sacre Coeur. From the crowded area of Montmartre to other parts of Paris in the distance.

Part 2 of this LO is missing as I haven't taken a photo of it ........ yet !!!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


This is Bubbles. Now there is a bit of a story to how she came to be with us.

Cindy was the only pig we had and she got on very well with Butts the bunny. After we lost him she looked so sad and lonely that we decided to get her a friend. Plan A. A friend at work had some pigs and offered one of her 'spare' pigs to us. We jumped at the chance and so her baby pig was to come and live with us. When it came to it though she couldn't catch the baby and turned up with baby's Mum. We named her Sprocket. She was just 18 months old. Until we could introduce them we kept them apart in seperate hutches.

First introduction seemed to be going well until Cindy bit Sprocket. We tried a couple more times and found the same thing happening. Plan B was to have yet another pig from my friend at work. This is where Bubbles comes in. She is a year old and Sprocket's baby.

So picture it, Sprocket and Bubbles in one hutch and Cindy in the other. We tired to introduce the pigs to each other by just going for it and putting them all in the run in the end (as suggested by a friend). A bit troublesome at first and then things seemed fine. They were all laying down together and looked like they had bonded. DH and DD2 had been out to buy a new 2 storey hutch for them whilst we were doing the meeting. That's when it all went pear shaped. Cindy went for both the new pigs in the hutch and the end result was they had to be seperated.

Now we have 3 pigs, still, and in 2 hutches but at least it's not the war zone it was. Phew.

This is Sprocket


Meet Leon and Smudge our 2 lovely bunnies we've adopted. Smudge is the black and white girl (English Spot) and Leon the brown boy (Lionhead.) They are great fun and are becoming more and more friendly everytime we spend time with them.

Today they had to come inside for a run. (More rain than we could even dream of asking for !!!!) Smudge is much more adventurous and found her way to the stairs. She slowly went up a couple and came down then got braver and in the end was happily hopping round upstairs from room to room. Leon was more cautious until we put him upstairs and then he was off. Catching them is a bit of an art as they love to run, and when the alternative choice is sitting in a hutch in the rain outside, who can blame them.