Sunday, 25 November 2007


No pics yet as the girls have sealed the envelopes already, but they have helped me to make cards for thier Dad (my DH's) birthday. They knew exactly what they wanted to make just weren't sure how they were going to make them. DD1 wanted to make an ATC topper style card and DD2 a waterfall card. His birthday is on Friday so I will post pics then. I would just add though that they did a great job.

I still have my card to make. What the heck I'm doing beats me. Might have to wander over to Lou's or Juliet's and see what they have been up to. Bound to find a great idea there.

Most of today has been taken up with shopping in town and the 'H' word *eek* wth just a bit of crafting with the girls. This evening it was writing out loads of price labels ready for the school Christmas Shop at school on Tuesday. (Not to self - I am NOT doing this next year.!!!!!!!!!!) Still have to stick them on all the things yet. Oh well at least my back is feeling a bit better, typically in time for my doctors appointment about it tomorrow. Oh well. I'll tell her what went on and see what she says. My money is on the family 'disease' - sciatica. I can't be the only one to not get it after all.

And another one

The papers for this LO really deserve a tropical beach, but this was DD1 on Ryde beach (the Isle of Wight) - not so tropical. It's again using a sketchfeatured on the Craft Diner forum.

Papers are from Crate Paper Crush collection, Sand and Island. Island is the pretty orangy one. I have really found a love for these papers recently. They are double sided and textured. So nice I now have quite a few in my stash collection. The stickes I used are from Creative Imaginations from the tropical set by Pamela Woods. Journalling stamp is out of a set from Lil Davis.

I have been crafting, .... a bit.... honest!

This is one of the LO's I created using the new craft forum Craft Diner. There is a thread there showing sketches. I've used pencil lines before for the challenges we did on 3C's forum and enjoyed working from them. So I decided that I'd have a go. With all the thinking done for you these kind of LOs take no time at all.

The background for this is a nice festive green Bazzill Bling C/S. Papers are Doodlebug and the die cuts are K & Co Peppermint Twist. (What you can't see on them is all the glitter. Hmmm! Oh well.) This ws DD2 a couple of years ago before we went to a party. She was only 6 then but looks much more grown up than that. Scary.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

New Craft Forum

Well the doors are open on a fab new craft forum. Why don't you take a look It's been fun testing it out with the other invited guests and I thoroughly recommend it as a fun place for crafters.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Oops yet again.

I am back with the latest craft offering. Must admit that I haven't had as much time to do things just recently. A bit of extra work and some back ache have prevented my creative juices flowing.

My small local circle of friends CJ is coming to an end and these are the last pages in the books. It's swap over day this weekend and will be great to see what creations will greet me when I get my mitts on my CJ. It's a first CJ for the other 3 adults taking part and also for the daughter of one of the ladies. My 2 girls are old hands, almost, at adding LO's in CJ's for those wanting to see their work. I gave everyone enough time to sort out their stash and get pages done. No honest Deb 4 weeks is enough, but sometimes you just need to make the time. LOL. Not sure if we will get to do a 2nd CJ between us, as one found it hard to fit in with her life, and another went from a full time teacher to being a part time one, and is going back to full time in Feb. So she won't have as much time on her hands from then. Shame but it happens sometimes I guess.

The CJ this time was entitled Life's A Beach and was about your most tranquil place. I chose the beauty in Yosemite for mine. The journalling is tucked away in a mini folded origami style album. (don't know the real name for the type of album lol) Papers are from BG and dress it up buttons and K & Co word stickers form the main embellishments.

DD1 chose Discovery Cove in Orlando as her restful place .

DD2 went for the beach. This one is in St Pete's Beach, Florida at sunset.

Friday, 9 November 2007

My big niece's birthday

I also have been working for a while on a mini album for my 'big' niece's 40th birthday. With 2 men in her life I figured she needed something girly, so went for all the pinks, lilacs, mauves and purples in my C/S collection. I had more than I realised so soon had a huge number of pages. It's the first time I have made a book to be filled in with photos later and by somebody else so I found it a bit of a challenge. My niece is a scrapbooker too so she will be finishing off the book herself. Some pages I added some embellishments to but others I left just with the patterned paper. Hope she has suitable embellishments.

The majority of the book is for people to sign and leave her messages about her now having reached 'old age' or as my DH said ' her peak', (not sure if her presents will include an 18 year old male though,) so those pages are only lightly decorated so that there is enough room for the guests to sign. I hope there are enough pages as she had invited 100 people she warned me. The party should be a good laugh as it is fancy dress. Not saying who I am but if you check back at a later date you might well see me in a photo and work out my character. (I won't be in full costume but it should be obvious who I am aiming to be.)
Here are a few examples of the 60+ page book.


Well doesn't time fly. I really don't know where this week has gone. I haven't had much time to craft. I spent about one day, where I did lots but all on the same project - a 5" X 7" album so that I could put DH's photos of his karate trip to Japan in to a keepsake. I worked hard all morning and then as he was away overnight for work (again) for part of the evening. End result a very nice album but with the cover upside down. BUM! was a word that came to mind and there were others. !!!!!

Here is the cover (before I altered it) Look at the lanterns and you will see that they are defying gravity.

This is the same cover with a little extra embellishment to hide the most noticable bit of the error. I have to say I prefered it without the extras but it's my own fault, I should have checked which way it was before making the holes in. Lesson learnt. (well until nect time lol)

Friday, 2 November 2007

Tag time again

I've been tagged by Juliet but I haven't had time to sort that out yet. Been a busy and tiring week. I will get to it soon, but DH has just arrived home and will be looking to get the pc back. I've not had much time to do any crafting this week either. I threw 3 LOs together the other morning and today made 3 tiny gift cards. Hopefully this weekend I will get the time to do a bit more. And post some things on here too. Hmmmm!

Here's the start of the tagging.

1)If you could have 100.00 pounds worth of scrapbook paper or assorted embellishments,which would you choose?
Embellishments (I think) I have so much in the paper line atm, althoughI have lots of embellishments too but I think I could do more with them right now.

2) If you had to choose between using only stamps or rubons which would you choose?
I have some stamps and a few pads and pens but I use more rub ons than stamps so I have ot stick with rub ons.

3) If you knew how to do both awesome cards and layouts ,but could only do one for a year which would you do?
Layouts, it's where I began and what I still feel I'm better at (most of the time lol)

4)would you rather own a scrapbooking store or have your own scrapping room at home (cant have both,lol,) ?
Hmm well from somebody who has to use the kitchen table to craft on, a room of my own would be fab but to have a store would be even more fab. All those supplies at myfinger tips and floor space when the customers had gone. Ha!

5) And the last but not least ,what is your current cardmaking or scrapping style?
No set style. Sometimes I used sketches and others I just go with the flow.

I'll find others to tag soon, honest.