Sunday, 25 November 2007


No pics yet as the girls have sealed the envelopes already, but they have helped me to make cards for thier Dad (my DH's) birthday. They knew exactly what they wanted to make just weren't sure how they were going to make them. DD1 wanted to make an ATC topper style card and DD2 a waterfall card. His birthday is on Friday so I will post pics then. I would just add though that they did a great job.

I still have my card to make. What the heck I'm doing beats me. Might have to wander over to Lou's or Juliet's and see what they have been up to. Bound to find a great idea there.

Most of today has been taken up with shopping in town and the 'H' word *eek* wth just a bit of crafting with the girls. This evening it was writing out loads of price labels ready for the school Christmas Shop at school on Tuesday. (Not to self - I am NOT doing this next year.!!!!!!!!!!) Still have to stick them on all the things yet. Oh well at least my back is feeling a bit better, typically in time for my doctors appointment about it tomorrow. Oh well. I'll tell her what went on and see what she says. My money is on the family 'disease' - sciatica. I can't be the only one to not get it after all.


Sarah C said...

Looking forward to seeing the cards in a few days. Hope you managed to get yours done :-) xx

Juliet said...

Love your LOs below Mellie, gorgeous photos. Glad you're feeling better! Juliet xx