Sunday, 29 June 2008


Today DD1 and I got to adopt our lovely new bunnies. They are gorgeous (you'll have to agree once you see their photos here I'm sure) and are soooo friendly. We are on 6 months probation with them as far as things go with the Blue Cross. The one bad thing that DD1 didn't like about the contract was that as they were both strays if their real owners come forward then we have to give them back. *eek* After the 6 months we are officially their owners though. Fingers crossed (although in the 3 weeks since we first chose them nobody had come forward to enquire about them even).

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Long climb

So here is DH with DD1 & 2 towards the top of those steps. Lots of people stop here for a breather and to see the view so they did the same. (Plus they were waiting for me as I kept stopping for photos lol)
Paper, stickers, chipboard letters and shapes are Crate Paper from the Kaitlin collection

Sacre Coeur

Our last stop on our day out in Paris was to the Basilica in Montmartre. Sacre Coeur sits high up o nthe hillside and looks beautiful. There are 2 ways to get up to the top, a little railway or the steps. We chose the steps (of course). After a long climb we went for a look inside and were glad we did.

Arc 2

The Arc was too big to get a good photo of in the one shot, so I stuck 2 pics together. Lol.

Paper by Doodlebug, chipboard die cut Arc De Triomphe.

Arc De Triomphe

The Arc De Triomphe is situated in the middle of what is claimed to be the largest roundabout in Europe. It has 12 lanes of traffic and the rule seems to be go when you want to and just watch what everyone is doing.

Next time I want to actually go into the centre and see the arch up close.

Paper by Paperhouse Papers. Sandylion sticker and chipboard.

Tower 2

Last time DH and I were in Paris this was the place we stood to see the Eiffel Tower from after being dropped by the tour bus. This time we walked here from the Tower, stopping on the way up to take yet more photos.
Paper from Doodlebug, sticker Sandylion, and chipboard Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower

So finally I am back to adding to my blog with the holiday LOs.

It was an amazing thing to walk right through the centre of the Eiffel Tower and gaze up at it. I took so many photos (as of everything else lol)

Paper is from Paperhouse Papers, Papermania flower and the tiny Eiffel Tower is a Memory Mates button.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

More news

Tried to upload the last of my LOs the other day and could I get them accepted, could I heck. !!!!! Did everything I could but they would not accept the pictures. I will keep trying though and hopefully one day I'll get them here.

Ordered 217 photos today so the next batch of LOs should be happening as soon as they arrive. Wonder how long those photos will keep me occupied. Summer hols are approaching. 6 weeks almost of doing as I please. Woo. There are good things about working in schools.

The girls have been given a new guinea pig by a lady at school. She's a grey and white girly and that's all we know about her but at least we don't have long to wait. She'll be here tomorrow. The hutch is all ready for her and then we have the introductions to start. Should be fun.

The rabbits are still at blue cross but hopefully they will be starting their introductions this week coming. Raindrop had her op and should be going for her final injections this week. It might still be a week or 2 before we get them home with us but it will fly by.

Monday, 9 June 2008


Not had the time to get here to put the news about Tots pups yet. Sunday 1st June our Boxer Tots had 6 lovely babies. All boys *jaw dropped at that*. She had 1 white, 2 plain brindle and 3 flashy brindles. Only 1 has a name so far and that is the one that the breeder is poss keeping as her new dog after recently losing her boy Bosun. The named pup is Rider. My girls will be naming the pups when we see them this coming weekend. Pictures will follow.

On a much sadder note. My DD1's gorgeous Lionhead bunny died last Monday after a very short illness. He was a very friendly and beautiful bunny and we all miss him, even DH said 'it's a shame he had to go, he was alright'. Now from him that was a compliment.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Notre Dame

Notre Dame is a fabulous building. There are so many carvings all round the building and other aspects to look at on it. Thinks like the gargoyles
and the 3 statues on the central spire not forgetting the windows.
It was so busy that we didn't have the time to go inside for a look round this trip, but we would go again and next time wait with the hoards of people queuing to see the inside.
Papers on the first LO are Gin X - He sings at weddings and DCWV -from Once upon a time. Chipboard embellishments, Doodlebug sticky alphabets and some self adhesive ribbon.

Paris Metro

The biggest fun we had on the Paris Metro was on the RER double decker trains. Unfortunately for us we only got to go on the one.

We'd never used the Metro before (other than DH for a couple of stops when at the Paris office for work) and at first it was mind boggling. How the heck did people know where to go to. We found our way out to street level and visited Notre Dame. Then we had to get back on the Metro to go to the Eiffel Tower. Choosing a different station was a good idea as there weren't so many different ways to choose from to go. However it took us a while (and letting a couple of trains go by) to work out how to get the train we needed. With that sorted it was a breeze and Paris became so easy to get round for us. .

Paper from Paperhouse Productions - Paris Map. Die cut Metro embellishment and tickets originals (minus the one for DH which he managed to lose somehow on our return to DLP !)