Monday, 9 June 2008


Not had the time to get here to put the news about Tots pups yet. Sunday 1st June our Boxer Tots had 6 lovely babies. All boys *jaw dropped at that*. She had 1 white, 2 plain brindle and 3 flashy brindles. Only 1 has a name so far and that is the one that the breeder is poss keeping as her new dog after recently losing her boy Bosun. The named pup is Rider. My girls will be naming the pups when we see them this coming weekend. Pictures will follow.

On a much sadder note. My DD1's gorgeous Lionhead bunny died last Monday after a very short illness. He was a very friendly and beautiful bunny and we all miss him, even DH said 'it's a shame he had to go, he was alright'. Now from him that was a compliment.


Emma said...

Hi Mellie. Its Emma from the CCC forum. So sorry to hear about the beautiful rabbit...I bet you daughter was so upset...but I can't wait to see photos of the puppies!

Sian said...

Sorry it's taken a while to get on here!
Woohoooo well done Tots.

And ((((( hugs ))))) didn't know about your rabbit :(