Wednesday, 18 June 2008

More news

Tried to upload the last of my LOs the other day and could I get them accepted, could I heck. !!!!! Did everything I could but they would not accept the pictures. I will keep trying though and hopefully one day I'll get them here.

Ordered 217 photos today so the next batch of LOs should be happening as soon as they arrive. Wonder how long those photos will keep me occupied. Summer hols are approaching. 6 weeks almost of doing as I please. Woo. There are good things about working in schools.

The girls have been given a new guinea pig by a lady at school. She's a grey and white girly and that's all we know about her but at least we don't have long to wait. She'll be here tomorrow. The hutch is all ready for her and then we have the introductions to start. Should be fun.

The rabbits are still at blue cross but hopefully they will be starting their introductions this week coming. Raindrop had her op and should be going for her final injections this week. It might still be a week or 2 before we get them home with us but it will fly by.


Sian said...

How many photos?????? LOL. I really need to get mine sent off to print.

Hope they come soon so you can have loads of fun!

Lea said...

Ooooh gonna see lots of layouts then Mellie - cant wait x