Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Meet Leon and Smudge our 2 lovely bunnies we've adopted. Smudge is the black and white girl (English Spot) and Leon the brown boy (Lionhead.) They are great fun and are becoming more and more friendly everytime we spend time with them.

Today they had to come inside for a run. (More rain than we could even dream of asking for !!!!) Smudge is much more adventurous and found her way to the stairs. She slowly went up a couple and came down then got braver and in the end was happily hopping round upstairs from room to room. Leon was more cautious until we put him upstairs and then he was off. Catching them is a bit of an art as they love to run, and when the alternative choice is sitting in a hutch in the rain outside, who can blame them.


Sarah C said...

They're gorgeous Mellie and sound like a right pair. Make sure you check under the bedclothes at night in case they've sneaked in! LOL

Anonymous said...

Another GORGEOUS pair, there adorable, and sounds like there getting more confidence everyday. ;-)
Love Shell xx