Wednesday, 5 September 2007

I'm supposed to be doing the housework but here I am trying to create extras for my blog. Juliet suggested a neo counter so I went for a look and now I have one. Not sure if I've done it right but help is always at hand with my friends. Actually I have a load of washing in, and have put one out on the line, so technically I am houseworking too. !

The next thing to learn is how to upload photos on here to show off, I mean show some of my work off. So that is my challenge for later today. Wonder how long that will take me?????

Must get on now before the next CJ turns up for me to browse and want to work on instead of all the things I should be doing. Oh well !!!

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Juliet said...

Well done Mellie and thanks for your comment on my blog. Can't wait to see some photos!