Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Okay today's accomplishment was to add a clock to my blog. Thanks Karen. What shall I add tomorrow? Will check my friends blogs to see what they have that I want. LOL.

It was back to school day today for us. The girls were all excited to be going back. DD1 is now in year 6 and DD2 is in year 4 but both of them are now in mixed years. That means that the oldest is in year 5 6 and the youngest is in year 3 4. Not sure what impact it will have for DD1 as she is working on the year 5 curriculum this year, she covered year 6 work last year. Hmmmm all sounds back to front to me.

I had to go back today too. Lunchtime supervisor assistant or whatever the title is now. I have 3 badges with 3 different titlesall for the same job, not to mention the one I have when I cover as an LSA. It flew by for us and was largely uneventful thankfully. Can see we have a few feisty new entrants in the latest intake. Always interesting to see what we have, and to take notes on the ones to watch out for. Found out I have been put forward for a manual handling course in October. Full day 9-3 and I get paid. (well I wasn't going to do it for love - as if.) Not too suyre about the reasoning but there we go.

Have a CJ to post today for the circle I'm in from charmed cards and crafts. I also received a CJ from a different circle today, (we are all friends from school.) I'm hosting this one and it only has 4 of us but with 3 children adding to it. None of the others have ever attempted anything like this before. Should be good. The first book I have received it lovely.

Oops, time to go and get the girls from school and get to the post office. Later.

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Juliet said...

Nice clock Mellie - you can do the same with the Neocounter if you wish. Sounds like I know what I'm doing, lol.