Monday, 17 September 2007

CJ with school friends.

Here is DD2's LO in a CJ about The Younger Years
Her attention span isn't always great but she stuck it out and had more input than normal. Most of all she is happy with her work. Always a good thing. Stange in some ways that she went for such pink paper given that she isn't the most girly girl.

DD1 is a little older and therefore has a few more ideas of her own of how she wants something to look. I have to help tone it down sometimes but she didn't need any help in that department this time. I think they both did very well.
All papers were from DCWV. DD2 added MAMBI minis and colorbok stickers, sticky ribbon, a button and a BG photo anchor. DD1 used a piece of torn white vellum for her pocket to put her journalling tag in, 2 buttons, flower from MM and Tinkerbell stickers from Sandylion.


Louly said...

Wow! your girls are so clever Mellie! just like their mum ay?

Juliet said...

Very talented daughters - well done Hannah and Rachel.

Louly said...

Hi Mellie, It's me again, I've tagged you! drop by my blog for details