Friday, 5 October 2007

Plenty of crafting time ahead.

Hopefully that is. My DH has gone off to Japan for 10 days to 'play' with the boys. That's karate style play. A group of 10 of them have gone for a master class, and should result in DH being awarded his black belt. Good luck with it.

It means the only male in the house is the rabbit at the moment and he's not even in the house really. He's relegated to the shed at the bottom of the garden poor boy. But it's dry and warmer than being out in the garden all the time. He's got the guinea pig for company this year. Mind you she's a noisy thing.

Anyway with DH gone away, the girls and I have peace in the house (as long as they don't fight) and time to craft as much as we want to, or I want to that is. The girls have LOs to do in my local friends CJ still. Those will be tackled this weekend I hope. The out laws are going to visit us possibly, but you never know things might change and they will be busy. (Whistle)

I have stacks of photos to get on with but have found it hard to find the time of late. Must do better now I have the chance. Had hoped that today I could spend the day doing what I wanted as I went to the dentist on Tuesday and it is an inset day, but no I have to go back today to the dentist for the work to be done. Whatever he'[s doing. Oh well it's only one day lost.

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