Wednesday, 3 October 2007

I'd quite forgotten

Over the summer I created loads of LO's. (still have some to have 'a finish off' too) and some of them I simply stacked up in a pile and forgot about. Doh!!! I found them out yesterday and put them away in their appropriate albums but thought I'd share this one with you all on here.

This is DD1's beautiful rabbit. He's a Lionhead rabbit called Buttons. Here he is having a bath after a slight accident. (Say no more !!!) He does enjoy his baths most times and the cuddles after, but I never thought he'd pose for a photo when he was in the bowl. Daft thing.


Louly said...

Aww! so cute!!!! I didn't know you could bath rabbits!

Mellie said...

Trust me Lou there are times when you NEED to bath them. (too many greens - say no more!!!!!)