Monday, 15 October 2007


So there I was all set for the 2nd weekend of the CC on UKS and the pc refused to load adobe reader properly to enable me to download the classes in their pdf format. *eek*. I tried everything I knew, (not that much really) but it refused and wouldn't budge. I uninstalled it and tried to install it fresh. Nope, it wasn't playing that game either. It refused to install and said it had a bug on it. Hmmmm. Well that was it I didn't know where to go on that, so I figured that DH was home on Monday evening and working from home on Tuesday so he could fix it. He's so lucky. lol. I can scrap the things I fancied doing during the week and still get them uploaded before the deadline of Sunday at 1pm. Well as long as he gets it sorted.

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Louly said...

Oh no! thats a bit of a pain Mellie, well to cheer you up i've left you an award at my blog, because you make me smile.