Thursday, 25 October 2007


I decided yesterday to send photos of the wedding book to it's intended receiver. Thought I'd give her the head up that I'd made it too. Caught her at home making dinner but she ran to her pc to get the email.

She loved the whole thing, but had to tell me that a while ago they bought a guest book and she put it away and then forgot about it. It was her OH who reminded her about it. Having discussed it with her OH they thought it would be perfect to put their reception photos in. Hmmmm, just one problem there. It's only 4" x 4" so they'd have to be mighty small. Not really suitable then. I suggested that it could be used for family and friends who weren't able to attend the wedding, so they could send them a message in it. A sort of alternative guest book. That idea went down well so now it would look as if that is going to be it's purpose.

So with the little wedding guest book and box made, I turned my attention to the CJ I have been working on and finished my LO last night. DH has got into watching some silly american police show about the daft things people do in their cars. Yawn !!! seen them so many times before they bore me now. Mind you I can watch my recorded craft shows over and over again and not get remotely bored. I got so many things out to try on the LO and ended up having to tidy as I went. Wasn't sure about the end result last night as I always have quite a full page normally and this is much more minimal than I regularly do. This morning however I looked again and think it is fine. I like it just the way it is. It doesn't need anything else so it is staying that way. Going to get the girls to do theirs next. Can't post pics as it could be seen by Lizzie and that would be a no no until it gets in her hands. Not long now to wait. So exciting to get them back and see everything.

This morning in chatting with my other niece, bride to be's big sister, I might now be making a 2nd boxed album. It is soon to be her 40th birthday. 40! That puts her in my decade again ha! Only thing is that she is having about 100 people to the party she's throwing. Not sure that my mini album would hold enough room for so many people to sign anything but she has thought about doing a book herself so that 2 could go round. Now that work, so long as people only sign the one book that is. Who knows what happens with a bit of alcohol inside some people. (BTW It's a fancy dress party with the theme of childhood villains and heroes. Now shall I be bad or good?) Think I'll go and check out my supplies and have a think.

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