Friday, 19 October 2007

Oh dear!

Well the intention was there to get something done this week. DH sorted the pc out but not until Tuesday evening and then the Light magenta ran out. Doh!! I'd hoped to print out some of his photos and scrap some of them, but they will have to wait.

I must admit that I took most of Wednesday off to watch that shopping channel for craft day. Any ideas are helpful I say. I help in my DDs classes 3 times a week now in the afternoons and that means 3 craft sessions missed! Then with the lord and master back, I have to do a bit more of the 'h' word too so I've done nothing this week at all. Nothing for the CC on UKS and nothing for the CJ I have sitting on the table. In fairness though I decided that maybe in all the paper I had, I didn't quite have what I wanted for the CJ. I have now. (Twice over lol) just have to choose which option I'm going for that's all. One set of papers and embellishments have already appeared in the book. Hmmm! The girls are working in this book too so I'm sure they will try to swipe some of my new stash. I will have to hide it or keep my eyes open.

It's off to see my family this weekend, so I lose Saturday afternoon for playing too. I'd better get on with something on Sunday I think. I will find the time for something. Honest! COme back next week to check out if I managed it.

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