Friday, 16 May 2008

Blast off!

Tomorrowland is where the best ride is for me. I just love to go on space mountain. Unfortunately this time there was no one able to go on with me. DD2 was too small and DD1 too chicken, even DH couldn't go with me as someone needed to stay with the girls. *doh* We had to make do with 2 goes on the ageing Star Tours. Thankfully Orbitron was always busy (and with Dumbo done there wasn't the need ha!). We only managed to see the Lion King show once (and in English) but it was very good.
Paper is left over from the Florida trip in 2005 bought in Magic Kingdom. Stickers are from CI. Not really much of a LO but this was all about the photos.


Sarah C said...

Sometimes photos hae to be able to speak for themselves and these certainly do. Shame no-one could go on the ride with you though.

Lea said...

I get motion sickness which now alas counts me out for Space Mountain but I used to love that ride!

Photos are the memories Mellie x layouts come second in the grand scheme of things.