Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Thank you cards

The girls had more gift cards and money for Christmas this year than last, but they are getting older and therefore a bit harder to buy for. I have always got them to do thank you notes for close family at least and this year got my tag a long out and used the embossing folder that it came with. (Only used it once or twice before, ummm!)

I ran up 8 cards in no time for tehm to send. Nothing special but they are happy with them. As I bought a few of the sizzlits pads in the Ellisons sale, I made good use of them for these cards. A few flowers and the job was done. Now to get the girls to write them out !!!!

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Sarah C said...

Sometimes less is more and these are brilliant as they are. I got a Thank You letter from my cousin's DD who's 9 and as usual, mum had written it and DD signed her name. It was nice to get thanked, but I'm sure she could've just writted "Thank you for my present, Love from ****". We were doing it all as soon as we could write! LOL