Tuesday, 8 January 2008

A new family member

Well my nephew and his wife are the proud parents to a bouncing baby boy. He was born last Friday and is called Cillian (although he might become Killian ?) either way it is an Irish name. I could have gone out and bought a card but no longer do I do that (if I can help it) There is a card challenge running on the Craft Diner to make a new baby card and incorporate some stamping on it. Hmm okay make the baby card fitted in nicely but I don't have a vast amount of stamps still really and nothing suitable for a baby. So I kind of cheated and used a See D's alphabet to stamp some words on the card. BTW the card has disappeared during the scan. There is a white card under the blue paper and a border is visible on the card irl but where it went to I have no idea. ??? Lol.


All Pink girl said...

Lovely card ,your nepew will love this card for his new son ,Dawnx

Sarah C said...

This is such a sweet card. I'm gathering ideas for when my sister has her baby. Might have to do a pink one though, we'll see.