Sunday, 13 January 2008

An old project

I was going through my photos on the pc the other day, so DH could back everything up, and I came across a mini album I made for DD1's teacher who left in July last year. She was such a lovely and funy teacher and DD1, and 2, both said she was their fave in the school. She was crafty, but it had gone by the wayside a bit with not enough time. A friend and I showed her the light and now she is a fellow crafting friend, and part of our CJ group. I also made the box to keep the gift in.
The theme was inspiration and in particular quotes about teaching. When we gave her the book she was delighted with it.


Juliet said...

Oh that is so nice Mellie - I bet she was fighting back the tears when you and the girls gave it to her.

Sarah C said...

This is really lovely. What a thoughtful gift. I'm glad you found the piccies, so we could have a peek

bubblegum said...

This is beautiful, something to be cherished. I'm sure the teacher loved it. ;) :)

Debbie x