Thursday, 7 May 2009

Cards galore

I decided thst I was going to have a go at selling my cards so set about making what I could with the images I had myself and that my lovely friend Janet sent to me. I added some of the fab Mikey download images and these are the results.

So in addition to some other cards already shown on here (I think) I set off with DD1 to the village hall and a table top sale. Imagine my horror when I found us on a table opposite another card maker. !!!! The sale started at 10am and was pretty busy from the start. It wasn't long before I had made my first sale. 50p lol. Then an old friend I worked with at school came along and loved the cards so bought 7 of them. Bless her. !!
Anyway by the time 11am came the crowds had gone and there was only the odd person coming in so other stall holders were packing up. We held out until 11.10am but by then the organisers were packing up so we did too. I am happy to say that in the end I made a profit. Not huge but I got my entry fee back and some extra. A total of £8.30 made on the day which for 12 cards sold in the hour I didn't think was bad going and my cards were priced between 50p and £1 so I was never going to make a huge amount. Still £3.30 profit was a start.
Next to make some more embellished 'better' cards and try the florist and library out as potential sellers. Do I see a chain beginning???? Lol.


Sian said...

Not surprised you've been AWOL, look at all those gorgeous cards. Hope next time you'll make loads of money ;)

Sarah C said...

Mellie, these cards are gorgeous. You have certainly been busy. Well done on making a profit. From little acorns and all that. Good luck with the florist's and library xx