Friday, 24 October 2008

Calendar time - January

I have been working on a calendar for my Mum for Christmas. It uses photos from the local area and of the girls mainly (there are a couple of Paris photos too).
Here is January. The photo is of the chapel in Royal Victoria Country Park in Netley. It's all that is left of what was once a huge military hospital built in 1856-1863
BTW - I decided to put these on as seperate posts to save all the scrolling down I would need to do to get them all on in one post lol.


Sian said...

Great start to the calendar. You have given me ideas for next year :)

Sarah C said...

What a fantastic idea Mellie xx

Louly said...

Wow Mellie! You've been busy! I love them all, I really should do some more scrapping.