Monday, 7 April 2008

Hey it's holiday time

Well almost anyway. We are soon off to see the Disney gang. Not Florida this time but a short hop away to Paris. Haven't been there since 2001 so hopefully there will be lots of new to see. The new studio park for one thing. Okay we have done the same rides in Florida before but this time they will have a French accent.

Managed to get the little pop up Paris map today. Little does DH realise that I am planning to scrap it once we've been Lol. Might have to make it a removeable item though just in case he decides towhisk me off on that romantic weekend one day. Hmmm.

I was trying to upload some of the snowy photos from yesterday but they don't seem to want to load atm. Awkward things. Anyway, I will see you soon and will (hopefully) share some of the many photos we are bound to take.

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Sarah C said...

Hope you have the most fantastic holiday. Looking forward to seeing the piccies (if they'll load for you!) :D