Thursday, 18 September 2008

Wot No Hands

I've been a bad blogger again. Been busy though lol.

Here is my DD1 on her first day at senior school. No tie because they hadn't been given them at that point. School changed all their ties as they have introduced Communitites this year (houses to most of us) and as such presented every child in school with a free tie.

Papers, stickers and shapes are BG from the Two Scoops range. Lush !! Alphabet stickers are a mix of Chatterbox and Thickers from American Crafts.

The title just came as an obvious one due to her sleeves being too long on her blazer. Well she'll soon grow. !! This was a sketch at the CD for Sept.


Juliet said...

They all come to Year 7 with big blazers LOL - I hope DD1 likes big school. Great LO!

Lea said...

Great layout (not that I'm qualified to say really lol!)

I suppose too long is better than having the sleeves half way up her arms! I hope she's enjoying school :o)

Louly said...

Mellie that's ace!I love the title. Holly has just recieved a very similar uniform for free because her school has just changed to an academy so tthey had to have a new uniform, she looks very smat too but you can see her hands lol. The stupid thing is, they aren't allowed to wear a coat over the blazers! I think I might become a rebellious mother this winter, my child won't be making herself ill, academey or not.

Sarah C said...

LOL bless her. I always have that problem cos my arms are always too short. Love the LO xxx